In our continuing series about Canadians, the CUAC seeks to help international students and their families learn about Canada to better help them determine whether it is the right country for their overseas study.

Canada’s national broadcaster, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, recently featured a story about Ms. Aurora James, a “Canadian designer and fashion icon” now based in the United States.

Following the outrage over the murder of George Floyd earlier this year, she started a campaign called the ‘15 per cent pledge’ to get major U.S. companies to better feature Black designers and creators. James is quoted as saying the current percentage is not even 2 per cent. 

If you can stream this video you will learn plenty about Canada, Canadian culture, and Canadian values. 

Is Canada the right country for you to study in? Is Canada a country in which you might want to make your life?

To help you answer that question, spend 7 minutes with CBC journalist Andrew Chang as he interviews Ms. James.

Dani Zaretsky

CUAC Global – Founder / Director